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Naxos Map
Naxos Map



Johnny’s Taverna-Restaurant located in Sagri, a traditional village with hospitable residents in country of naxos island.


Sagri village is an ideal place for daily excursions. Close to Johnny’s Tavern-Restaurant, you can visit the marble Dimitras temple (Archaeological site at Yiroulas), the Bazeos castle (monastery of Holly Cross) and a lot of Byzantine churches (Mystra's of Cyclades).


Also in Johnny’s Tavern-Restaurant, you can see an old wheel-well, manufactured in 1937. Johnny’s Taverna-Restaurant is unique in its type in the region of Sagri and in general in Naxos island. We use local pure fresh materials for the creation of dishes.


Our restaurant has received the signal of quality from the Greek National Tourism Organization (G.N.T.O) with number 350 and has been strengthened from European Union and Greek State.


Johnny’s Taverna-Restaurant operates all year round and presents particular movement at the tourist period (summertime) and the winter mainly the weekends.

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